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MSR Black Friday Bundles



Bundle Contains

  • Brother 3534DT Serger
  • Serger Taping Foot SA212
  • 8 Assorted Countess Threads


Bundle Contains

  • Brother BQ3100
  • Brother 4234DT Serger
  • Wool Pressing Mat 14″ x 14″
  • Brother Dual Feed 1/4″ Guide Foot SA205C
  • Brother Dual Feed Ditch Foot SA204C
  • Brother Dual Feed Quilting Guide Foot SA206C
  • Brother Dual Feed Couching Foot SA200C
  • Olfa Rotating Cutting Mat 17″ x 17″
  • Brother Circular Attachment SACIRC1C
  • Tailor’s Wooden Clapper
  • Reliable Velocity 270IR Steam Iron


Bundle Contains

  • Brother CV3550
  • Brother Bias Tape Binding Set SA230CV
  • Brother Dual Function Fold Binder SA231CV
  • 20 Assorted Countess Threads


Bundle Contains

  • Brother XP3
  • Brother ScanNCut SDX325
  • OESD Digital Spree Club
  • Reliable Ironing Board
  • Reliable Maven 140IS Steam Iron Station
  • Brother XP Series Bag Set SASEBXP1
  • Brother Magnetic 10″ x 10″ Frame SAMS254
  • Brother Magnetic Flash Frame 5″ x 7″ SAMF180
  • OESD Isacord Top 100 Thread Kit
  • OESD 5 Piece Scissor Kit
  • OESD Stabilizers & CD Essentials Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother NQ1300
  • Olfa Rotary Cutter 45mm
  • Olfa Cutting Mat 18″ x 24″
  • Precision Wool Ironing Mat PQ2572
  • Reliable Velocity 160IR Steam Iron
  • Brother Dynamic Walking Foot SA101
  • Omnigrip Ruler 8.5″ x 14″


Bundle Contains

  • Brother VM5200
  • OESD Isacord Top 50 Thread Kit
  • OESD Digital Spree Club
  • OESD Stabilizers & CD Essentials Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother NS80e
  • Clover Mini Patchwork Scissors 4.5″
  • Omnigrid Portable Cut & Press Station Small
  • Nifty Notions Mini Iron
  • Nifty Notions Rotary Cutter 45mm
  • Omnigrid Ruler 6″ x 12″


Bundle Contains

  • Brother ScanNCut SDX325
  • Remember Quilt Kit


Bundle Contains

  • Brother NQ575
  • Brother Quilting Accessory Set SAQKIT
  • 1x Donna Robertson 3yd Quilt Book (↓Choose Below Before Adding Bundle↓)
  • 1x 3yd Quilt Fabric Bundle (↓Choose Below Before Adding Bundle↓)


Bundle Contains

  • Brother XR37T
  • 1x Pillowcase Kit (↓Choose Below Before Adding Bundle↓)


Bundle Contains

  • Brother ND50E
  • Brother Wide Extension Table SAWT7
  • 1x Pillowcase Kit (↓Choose Below Before Adding Bundle↓)

Pillow Case Kits, Add One To Your Cart For The Appropriate Bundles

3yd Quilt Kits , Add One Fabric Bundle And One Book To Your Cart For The NQ575 Bundle

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Bernina A Sewist’s Wonderland Sale


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Brother Holiday Gift Guide

Click on any of the promotions in the book to add to your cart

Bundles and Promos in the Brother Holiday Gift Guide

XP3 Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother XP3
  • Extensions Table
  • 7″ x 14″ Magnetic Sash Frame
  • XP Luggage Set



NQ1700E Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother NQ1700E
  • 40-Colour Embroidery Thread Set SA740



BQ3100 Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother BQ3100
  • Advanced Quilt Design Software SAADVQLT

BQ2500 Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother BQ2500
  • Advanced Quilt Design Software SAADVQLT





NQ700 Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother NQ700
  • Extension Table SAWTNQ1C



NS80e Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother NS80e
  • Quilting Kit SAQKIT
  • Extension Table SAWT5

ND50e Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother ND50e
  • Quilting Kit SAQKIT
  • Extension Table SAWT7





CV3550 Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother CV3550
  • Dual Function Fold Binder SA230CV
  • Bias Tape Binding Set SA231CV

1534D Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother 1534D Serger
  • Gathering Foot SA213











ScanNCut SDX325 Bundle


Bundle Contains

  • Brother SDX325
  • Erasable Pen Set CAPEN2
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Tamara Evans

Tamara Evans

Tamara has been sewing for as long as she can remember and loves every aspect of it – except handwork. Her “professional” sewing experience began in Jr. High sewing costumes, home décor and clothing for family and neighbors. Her sewing experience includes machine embroidery, digitizing, quilting, garment design, home decor, and crafts. After working in a variety of corporate and entrepreneurial ventures, she returned to her real passion – sewing.

Within a year of purchasing her first embroidery machine, Tamara had invested in a multi-needle machine, digitizing software and launched a successful embroidery and gift business. Back in her home state of Texas, she began coordinating the development of new products, educational tools, magazine articles and a video education series for embroidery and quilting. She then hit the road as a national educator teaching embroidery software and stabilizing techniques at national shows, in-store events and to dealers.  Behind the scenes, she also created new embroidery and quilting projects, collaborated on software development and created software education materials.

Tamara has long a fan of the designs, products and digitizing expertise that is exemplified by OESD since she began to embroider.  And so, she is very excited to put her enthusiasm, energy and expertise into bringing these exceptional products directly to the sewing public at the OESD Super SPREE events.

Upcoming Events With Tamara

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My Sewing Room Is Hiring!

My Sewing Room INC is Canada’s largest independent sewing and quilting shop. We are looking for employees to bring their sewing experiences and knowledge into our business!

We look forward to meeting you!

    FloorsalesTechnician TraineeTeacher

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    Brand New Brother Products Launching This Fall!


    The new Luminaire 3 Innov-ís XP3 offers a range of advanced features that make it an incredible sewing, quilting, and embroidery machine. With new Wi-Fi capabilities, unique built-in designs and stitch functions, and our innovative StitchVision Technology, the Luminaire 3 Innov-ís XP3 is built to be as brilliant as your creativity. And it’s here to bring your best ideas to light. Find out more here! Preorder here!

    Upgrade your XP1 OR XP2 to an XP3!

    Turn your Luminaire XP1 or XP2 into an XP3 with this upgrade kit! Preorder yours here!

    AIRFLOW 3000

    Excellent for challenging fabrics such as fine knits and stretchy materials, the AIRFLOW 3000 Air Serger can achieve outstanding finishing touches with flatlock, overlock, and rolled hem stitches on most specialty fabrics. The modernistic AIRFLOW 3000 can cut and finish seams all in one pass. It’s a breath of fresh air to change threads as the AIRFLOW 3000 threading ports are connected to the end of each looper by tubes, and at the touch of a button, a blast of air sends the threads through the loopers, so it’s a cinch to change thread colors. Find out more here!

    INNOV-IS NS2850D

    Check out the NS series here!

    SA218 Ruler Foot