Pattern Printing

$5.00 Per Page

Submit a full size print file for our 36″ printer. No taping individual printer pages, just submit an A0 or Copyshop file and we will print it off for you.

Mailing options include

  • Pick up in store
  • Folded in envelope and shipped
  • Rolled in carboard tube and shipped (extra shipping costs will apply)

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Submit your pattern to us and we can print it out on our large printer using only the layers or pages you want. The best way to use your digital patterns. Files Must be in PDF.

Pattern printing costs $5 per page printed + shipping charges if you’d like it delivered. We even have tubes for storage or shipping for only an additional $6.99

We will call you for payment during open hours when your pattern is ready to be printed.

Does your pattern file have layers in it? if so we can print only the layers you want us to with no extra charge

Are you new to digital patterns or looking for more information? look below for our guide

How to use Digital PDF Patterns?

Digital patterns have caught on in the online sewing community in recent years. Here is what you should know about using PDF sewing patterns.
PDF patterns can be printed out on your home computer or printed full scale on a large printer that you wouldn’t commonly find at home. Most patterns bought from pattern companies have an option for in home printers and large scale printing (commonly referred to as AO or Copy Shop)

What are PDF patterns? If this is the first time you’e heard of it can sound like a new world but they are actually quite easy to use. If you have only ever used printed patterns it may surprise you to learn that many pattern shops have a large selection of digital PDF patterns. Some companies now offering only digital patterns. A digital or PDF pattern is, for the most part, the same thing as a printed pattern. By that we mean the garment you make in the end is the exact same as if you had used a printed pattern. There is no core difference in the pattern itself, its just a different format. Typically when you purchase a digital pattern you can immediately download the pattern. Then you could print the pattern off on your home computer or get the pattern printed by a local shop that can print it in full scale (thats where we come in).

Why is it called a PDF pattern? PDF is a type of file format that most computers can open (it stands for Portable Document Format), its a very common file type and protects the document so the size and placement of the patterns wont shift.

it may seem a bit confusing at first but once you try it out then the first pattern will be the same as the rest. As a tip we recommend saving your digital patterns to your computer somewhere you’ll be able to find them in case you need them again. Storing them on an online storage is also a good idea, something like emailing it to yourself, using Google Drive or Dropbox is a great way to keep your pattern safe in case something happens to your computer.