Bernina – Stitch Plate – PunchWork Stitch Plate – C3

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Bernina – Stitch Plate – PunchWork Stitch Plate – C3

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For Category C3 Machines
Color-coded yellow, this stitch plate has three needle holes
arranged lengthways for the felting needles. Close guiding of
the needles means better support of the material.

The PunchWork Stitch Plate for rotary hooks can be used together with the BERNINA Needle Punch Tool. With its special opening, its perfectly designed for felting work. It prevents material from being pulled down with the needles.

This helps protect the needle set and ensures clean, crisp work on the motif. When needle punching, the BERNINA sewing machine can work wool fibers and plied woollen yarns into soft, fuzzy fabrics, like loden, felt, or fulled fabrics. Altogether these accessories allow you to create attractive patterns and motifs on home textiles and clothing.

The BERNINA Needle-punch accessory set is available for BERNINA sewing machines with either CB (oscillating) or rotary hook.

Compatible Machines

  • C: 435, 450, B560, B580, 640