Bernina – Foot – #23 – Applique Foot – WHITE

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Bernina – Foot – #23 – Applique Foot – WHITE

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This presser foot is ideal for appliqu�ing narrow buttonhole
seams of up to 2 mm. The specially shaped clear sole provides
a perfect view of the sewing area and feeds through dense
stitching without a problem, both with straight lines and
curves. The notch at the front can also hold a couching thread
or ribbon.

When it comes to appliqueing with a narrow satin-stitch (up to 2 mm), Applique Foot #23 is the expert: its sophisticated design allows the fabric to feed easily over the stitches, even in the case of very dense rows of stitching.

A cutout on the front of the presser foot will hold a narrow couching thread, making for trouble-free sewing of satin-stitching with cording. With its wide thread channel under the sole, Applique Foot #23 is also ideal for sewing mini-piping, or for traditional sewing techniques.

And since Applique Foot #23 features a clear sole, you ll have a perfect view of the stitch area at all times a decisive advantage, especially when following outlines and corners.

Compatible Machines

  • B: 125, 125S, 135, 135S, 145, 145S, 210, B215, 220, 230, 230PE, 240, B325, B330, B335, B350PE, B380, 130, 140, 150, 153, 153QE, 155, 160, 163, 165, 170, 430, 440QE, B555, B570QE, 630, B530, B550QE
  • C: 180, 185, 200, 730, 435, 450, B560, B580, 640
  • D: B710, B750QE, B780
  • E 7Series: B720, B735, B740, B770QE, B770QE PLUS, B790, B790 PLUS
  • E 5Series: B535, B540, B570QE, B590
  • E 4Series: B475QE, B485, B480
  • F: B820QE, B830, B880, B880 PLUS