Wonderfil – Dazzle – DZ2514 – Coral Rose – 8wt – 183m

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A sturdy 6-ply thread, Dazzle is comparable in weight to a #8 perle cotton. This is 100% rayon and metallic mix carries a naturally bright lustre with a silky finish, making it an excellent choice for crafts, crochet, knitting, and highlighting the details on dimensional stitches. Because of Dazzles light reflective properties and pop of metallic, the detail on wool applique and layering can be enhanced with edging stitches for that extra sparkle.

  • Colour: Coral Rose DZ2514
  • Size: 183m, 200yd
  • Material: Rayon with one strand of metallic
  • Weight: 8wt
  • Usages: Bobbin work, serging, couching, knitting, crochet, tassels, cording, fringes, bead work, hand work, frienship bracelets
  • Recomended Needles Sizes: Machine: Not Recommended – Hand: #22 Chenille, #22 Tapestry, 1.5-2.0mm crochet hook, 1.5 – 2.0mm knitting needles