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Spunbond is a tough, white, polyester fabric with a soft, slightly-pebbly texture for sewing and crafting. Spunbond is lightweight, strong, water-resistant and just a bit stiff, making it a great stabilizer to give your projects some body. Once you try it, you’ll always want to keep it on hand. Durable! Spunbond is easy to cut, but very hard to tear – never frays, beards, or pills. Versatile! Use it to make patterns, aprons, grocery bags, totes, sandwich wraps, bibs, pouches, purse handles, scissors sheaths, book covers, collages and more. Creative! Machine or hand sew, embroider, cut, paint, print, stamp, dye, weave or heat distress it – and that’s just the beginning! Available by the metre. [ctpub.com]

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