Scotty & Friends – Suzanne McNeill

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Quilts are not just blankets made to toss over the sofa to match the decor. Quilts embody memories, capture moments and bring comfort into our homes. They move with us from bed to bed as we grow, and travel with us when we leave home. Quilts age into treasured heirlooms, and are passed down for generations, connecting us to the loving hands of the maker, weaving stories of the past with our present lives. The quilts we love most are the ones that get dragged about the house from beds to family room sofas. We take them outside for stargazing and sit on them while we build sandcastles on the beach. They are made in our favorite colors with motifs that are personally meaningful. Now, you can make quilts that pack the same emotional power into each stitch. Whimsy, and warmth with a homespun attitude emanate from these simple designs.

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