Mettler – PolySheen – 3406 – 40wt – 200m – 0700 – Yellow

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Robust, decorative and colorfast: with POLY SHEEN you are buying the embroidery hero among Mettlers sewing threads. The shiny sewing thread is not only wonderful to embroider with but can also be used universally thanks to its extra strong and abrasion resistant properties. These properties are particularly important on heavily strained textiles such as sports and leisure wear, denim, terry cloth, children’s, leather and work wear. Colorful decorative seams work also very well with the decorative sewing thread.

The secret of its versatility lies in its composition: the trilobal filament cross-section of the sewing thread ensures a larger surface and thus a higher light reflection than with conventional embroidery and decorative sewing threads. The result is a particularly beautiful sheen, which is accompanied by intense color brilliance. The luminosity of the color – even after bleaching with chlorine – remains for years.

  • Excellent sheen thanks to the trilobal thread cross-section
  • Highest tear resistance
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance
  • A color selection that leaves no wishes unfulfilled
  • Highest color fastness
  • Oeko-Tex certification