Interfacing – fast2fuse – Heavyweight Double-sided – 50cm wide

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Use fast2fuse Heavyweight for everything that needs stay-in-place firmness. fast2fuse Double-sided Fusible Stiff Interfacing is: Fast – fusible on both sizes to save you steps! Easy to mark, cut, and fuse – and it won’t stretch or tear! Save money! You get two layers of fusible plus interfacing in one product. Perfect for use with books in C&T’s Fast, Fun & Easy? series. Give flexible, firm support to all your projects including: fabric bowls and boxes; tote bags, purses and backpacks; hats and caps; costumes and accessories; home decorating including lamp shades, place mats & more; kids’ crafts, doll accessories and more! Machine wash, tumble dry. Unit price is per metre (1yd = .95m)