Bernina – Foot – #92 – Presser Foot For Eyelet Embroidery – WHITE

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Bernina – Foot – #92 – Presser Foot For Eyelet Embroidery – WHITE

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Suitable for use with Eyelet Embroidery Attachment #82, this
free-motion embroidery foot is used to embroider eyelets and
for functional decorative purposes.

Presser Foot for Eyelet Embroidery #92 is a free-motion foot for embroidering attractive eyelets as well as for functional decorative purposes.

Like Darning Foot #9, the eyelet embroidery foot doesnt press the fabric to the feed dog during the embroidery process instead, the vertical spring movement of the the presser foot (hopper mechanism) holds the fabric down during stitching, preventing the fabric from flagging or riding up with the needle.

Presser Foot for Eyelet Embroidery #92 is the designated companion to Eyelet Embroidery Attachment #82. Together, and with the aid of various awls and punches, theyll enable you to punch holes in all types and thicknesses of fabric.

TIP: We recommend you punch holes of slightly smaller diameter than the desired diameter of the finished eyelets.

Compatible Machines

  • B: 125, 125S, 135, 135S, 145, 145S, 210, B215, 220, 230, 230PE, 240, B325, B330, B335, B350PE, B380, 130, 140, 150, 153, 153QE, 155, 160, 163, 165, 170, 430, 440QE, B555, B570QE, 630, B530, B550QE
  • C: 180, 185, 200, 730, 435, 450, B560, B580, 640
  • D: B710, B750QE, B780
  • E 7Series: B720, B735, B740, B770QE, B770QE PLUS, B790, B790 PLUS
  • E 5Series: B535, B540, B570QE, B590
  • E 4Series: B475QE, B485, B480
  • F: B820QE, B830, B880, B880 PLUS