ED – Heartfelt Gift Pocklets – KD5108 – Kimberbell

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ED – Heartfelt Gift Pocklets – KD5108 – Kimberbell

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Share kindness and smiles with Kimberbell Heart-Felt Gift Pockets! Made completely in a 5×7 hoop, these giftable pockets are perfect for Just Popping By with a Pocketful of Sunshine. Cheer a Tough Cookie who’s Under the Weather, give Extra Dough to a graduate, create Fabulous Birthday presents, and more! Choose from 12 darling designs for a variety of occasions, then attach a Kimberbell Sweet Tube and fill with treats, gift cards, and other fun surprises. When you Donut Know what to give, Heart-Felt Gift Pockets are a delightful way to brighten a day.

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