DMC – Light Effects – E0130 – Gemstones – 8m

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DMC Light Effects Thread glimmers with a metallic shimmer. Its made from 100% polyester fibers and will give your project a gorgeous twinkle. The thread consists of six size 25 easily separated strands. Use it on its own or combine it with a strand of cotton floss for a touch of sparkle.
For the best stitching experience with DMC Light Effects Thread, work with a shorter length of thread try 12 inches. The will help keep the fibers fresh and prevent fraying. If the thread becomes twisted while stitching, drop the needle and let it unwind itself.

Care and Washing: DMC Light Effects Thread can be washed in lukewarm water 30deg C – 86deg F with a mild detergent. Don’t bleach. Wrap it in a towel after washing so that it may absorb the excess water. Dry flat. For pieces that can be dry cleaned, any dry cleaning solvent will do except for trichloroethylene.

Main Features

  • Colour: Gemstones E130
  • Length: 8m or 8.7yds
  • Content: 100% Polyester