Colossal Round Rug & Jelly-Roll Rug Pattern – RJD130 – RJ Desi

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Pattern for a Colossal Round Rug approximately 54″, plus a smaller Jelly-Roll Rug approximately 38″ long. There is no braiding, weaving or crocheting – just pure sewing bliss! The Colossal Round Rug uses eighty strips of 2-1/2″-wide fabrics or two Jelly Rolls and approximately 2.7 metres of 1-1/2″ batting. For the smaller Jelly-Roll Rug, you will need forty-two strips of fabric plus approximately 1.4 metres of 1-1/2″ batting. These rugs are easy to make with scraps or a special fabric collection. A sewing machine with a 5 mm-wide zig-zag stitch and a size 16/100 Jeans needle works are all you need.

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