Brother – PR Embroidery Hoop – Clamp Frame M – 100mm x 100mm – 4″ x 4″ – PRCLPM1

$489.99 /Item

Make hoop burn a thing of the past with this 4″ x 4″ frame. It holds your fabric in place without damaging it so you can easily embroider a wide variety of items.

The unique construction of this 4 x4 frame provides strong holding power, yet without hoop burn on your fabric. The click and snap design allows you to hoop your project easily in seconds so much easier than using standard, two-piece frames! The inside of one side of the frame has a smooth, rubber grip, and the other side has a textured fabric grip the combination of these two surfaces against your fabric helps keep your project in place, without damaging the fibers. The 4 x 4 size is ideal for monogramming, baby items, boat and canvas items.

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