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You Inspire Me to Quilt – Projects From Top Modern Designers gives you a glimpse into the creative process of popular quilting bloggers. You already admire their work – now, take an intimate look inside the design process of some of your favourite quilters! Best-selling author Cheryl Arkison and friends share 10 imaginative quilts inspired by daily life. Each project includes full assembly and finishing instructions, plus the creator’s candid thoughts on the art of quiltmaking. Awaken your artistry to transform everyday ideas, such as the love of hockey or the joy of a bacon sandwich, into meaningful quilt designs. Use the included patterns, or get inspired to make your own original design concepts a reality! Gain design wisdom from quilters Jen Carlton-Bailly, Cynthia Frenette, Carolyn Friedlander, Andrea Harris, Rossie Hutchinson, Heather Jones, Amanda Jean Nyberg, and Blair Stocker.

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