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With BERNINA Toolbox embroidery software, you can design and edit embroidery designs, fonts and monograms. This intuitive software is very easy to use, even for beginners and runs on both Mac and Windows as well as mobile devices through the BERNINA Cloud.
The Toolbox Bundle includes the Editing, Lettering and Monogramming Modules. The Editing Module unlocks the editing capabilities of Toolbox, allowing you to edit and combine embroidery patterns. The Lettering Module unlocks the lettering capabilities, to add lettering to your designs, including vertically, in an arch, in a circle or simply straight. Rotate, enlarge, reduce and position individual letters any way you like. And the Monogramming Module

unlocks the monogramming capabilities, to give your projects a personal touch.
Overview of the Editing functions:
– Re-arrange, combine, duplicate, group, mirror or distort embroidery designs
– Remove, enlarge or reduce individual elements
– Change colours
– Customize embroidery patterns using the editor
– Create new designs
Overview of the Lettering functions:
– Edit and combine lettering with embroidery designs
– Insert text in lower or upper case into an embroidery design
– Individually change text colours
– Includes 6 text shapes and 100 alphabets, including 5 two-tone fonts
– Choose between bold and normal fonts
– Text boxes for decorative elements
– Exclusive frames for creating badges
– Layout variations: arch shape, vertical or horizontal
Overview of the Monogramming functions:
– Choose between one, two and three-letter monograms
– 15 specially-designed monogram fonts
– 10 small-letter fonts for very small monograms
– More than 60 decorative elements and frames to add
Plus, the Bundle includes 600 embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud!
BERNINA Toolbox Bundle – unlock your full creative potential!

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