Bernina – SW – Q-Matic – Q24 & Q20

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Q-Matic fufills your automated quilting needs in just a few simple steps. Whether stitching out simple edge-to-edge designs or intricate custom patterns, your way to an original masterpiece will be extremely easy.

Main Features

  • Multiple on-demand help functions for assistance in every step of creating and placing your quilting designs.
  • The WiFi capability of Q-matic makes it easy to transfer designs from the PC or laptop to the Q-matic PC.
  • Direct, one-click-access of all features: layout your quilt, alter designs, place designs and control the stitch out.
  • The sewhead screen will change according to the upcoming task. Change parameters like upper thread tension and SPI any time during stitch-out.
  • Changing from automated quilting to free-hand work is easy as counting 1 2 3 due to the one-touch quick belt release system.
  • When activated, EasyGlide will help to move the belted machine head in all directions with ease and without additional force. MicroMove will place your needle exactly on spot and where you need the first stitch to be.
  • Thanks to Art & Stitch you can change designs or create your own unique designs this is where your creativity come to life.
  • More than 250 designs from several renowned designers like Lisa H. Calle, Keryn Emmerson, Amanda Murphy, Tula Pink, Patricia Ritter, Linzi Upton and Sarah Vedeler.
  • Positioning has never been easier with the Grab & Drop function. Virtually attach a design and drop it in your quilt blocks or set virtual markers for easy border placement.