Bernina – Accessory – Mega Embroidery Hoop – 15cmx40cm – B C D E F

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Bernina – Accessory – Mega Embroidery Hoop – 15cmx40cm – B C D E F

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The embroidery hoop for extra-large embroidery designs and
combinations of motifs, as well as borders. The three
embroidery positions allow you to embroider precisely without
mismatches or gaps. The template allows accurate positioning
of the motif on the item to be embroidered.

The mega embroidery frame (max. embroidery area 150 x 400 mm) is a professional grade hoop for embroidering extra-large embroidery designs, motif combinations and borders. It has three possible embroidery positions. As a result, the fabric can remain clamped in the frame after completion of the first embroidery area. This allows tidy and accurate working of uniform patterns without the formation of offsets or gaps. Thanks to the template that is included, the fabric can be precisely aligned.

Compatible Machines

  • B: 430, 440QE, B555, B570QE, 630
  • C: 200, 730, 435, 450, B560, B580, 640
  • D: B750QE, B780
  • E 7Series: B770E, B720, B735, B770QE, B770QE PLUS, B790, B790 PLUS
  • E 5Series: B500E, B535, B540, B570QE, B590
  • F: B830, B880, B880 PLUS