Bernina – Accessory – Small Clamp Hoop – 6inx6in

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The new Clamp Hoops are the ideal embroidery hoop for quilters. The square/rectangular shape better accommodates square designs that are common for quilting. The square shape also makes it easier for project positioning as it decreases the amount of embroidery stabilizer and fabric in comparison with our current oval shaped hoops. Easily position and clamp quilt projects in the hoop by attaching repositionable clamps on a single frame. The thick acrylic template enables the consumer to easily visualize accurate placement while providing proper tension during hooping. This is a perfect accessory to showcase how easy and accurate quilting can be with the embroidery module!

• Easy to hoop and position
• Easy alignment of square designs
• Ideal for hooping quilting projects
• Less stabilizer and fabric needed
• 6” x 6” stitching field
• Compatible with current 5, 7, and 8 Series machines

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