Machine Services

Service Centre – Service Item Rates

Prices Effective From Ticket #10550

For Machines That Are Not WorkingFor Machines That Are Working Well
*Spot Check – $50
(Parts Extra)
to be admitted to the repair queue a SPOT Check MUST be performed. Prices below include the cost of the Spot Check
Repair with Maintenance:
Tier 0 Machines $150
Tier 1 Machines $200
Tier 2 Machines $300
Tier 3 Machines $400
Tier 4 Machines $450
PLUS $110/Hr extra required
PLUS Any Parts Cost Repair Labour Rate: $110/hr
(15 Min increments)
Repair with no maintenance will be billed out at a minimum of 77.50 plus 27.50 for each additional 15 min required to correct the machine’s deficiency.
We Recommend:
New machines get a First Maintenance within a year of purchase and a minimum of every 3-4 years after, depending on usage. (Every year if used heavily.)
Sewing Machine Maintenance
Tier 0 Machines : $100
Tier 1 Machines : $150
Tier 2 Machines : $250
Tier 3 Machines : $350
Tier 4 Machines : $400
Embroidery Module Maintenance
Most Embroidery Modules: $100
Serger Maintenance
Tier 1: $150 (Overlock Only)
Tier 2: $250 (Overlock/Cover)
Example MachinesEstimated Service Time
Tier 0 Machines
VERY Simple Mechanical Machines
Approx 1 Hour Service time
Tier 1 Machines
Simple Mechanical Machines
VERY Basic Electronic Machines
1-2 Hours Service Time
Tier 2 Machines
Advanced Mechanical and
Computerized Machines
(Bernina 7 Series, Brother V Series)
2.5-3.5 Hours Service Time
Tier 3 Machines
Top End Computerized Machines
Bernina 8 Series
Brother XP1 / XV85xx
3-5 Hours Service Time
Tier 4 Machines
Embroidery Machines
5-6 hours Service Time
** Images shown are examples of machines in the related tier. Not all machines
are shown. Please ASK a service tech about the specific tier for your machine
Scissor Sharpening
Small Scissors (Up to 3.5”) – $9.99
Regular Scissors up to 8” – $12.99
Left Handed Scissors (any) – $14.99
Pinking Shears – $14.99
Large Shears (Over 8”) – $16.99
Service Booking Request
please keep in mind we can only estimate how long your maintenance or repair will take given your place in our repair queue and arrival of necessary parts