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Periodic Table Of Elements Quilt

Make this amazing quilt of the Periodic Table of Elements for the science lover in your life!  It’s just right for a student’s bed or for hanging in a classroom or office.  Use the individual elements to make coordinating projects with names or phrases. 

Baby’s Flower Bonnet

Make this precious little bonnet to match any outfit!  It comes in 3 sizes: Small (12-18 months), Medium (18-24 months), and Large (24+ months).

Bedtime Rail Line Quilt


Any child (or grown-up) will love this fun set! Design your own quilt – you can make it any size you want, or make the quilt shown in the pictures.

Periodic Table Extras

Finally!  The companion set to the PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS QUILT is here!!  When you love science, it’s pretty fun to see your name or a phrase spelled out with elements from the Periodic Table.  But, there are some letters missing… SO, here are the REST of the letters that you need to spell anything!!  You can make bags, banners, pillows, coin purses, mini quilts – you name it!  I made a pillow with my last name “Smola”, and I also made a pillow for my Dad. 

Flirty Purses

Whip up a flirty little purse with cheerful flowers, bright fabrics, and a convenient MAGNETIC flap. Add a little trim for a touch of fun, and you’ll be ready for a summer garden party. They’re so easy to make, you’ll want one to match each outfit!

Bedtime Airline Quilt

The Bedtime Airline Quilt is every future pilot’s dream!  You can design your own layout or make the quilt shown in the pictures.  The detailed instructions include templates that you can cut out to design your layout.

Merry Mini Ornaments

Add some vintage ornaments to your holiday decor this year! These ornaments are so easy to make, and just too cute! Several of the ornaments fit perfectly with the CANDY LANE COTTAGE. You know you’re having too much fun when your dollhouse girl has her own dollhouse – and it even matches! By the way, the little red wagon has wheels that actually turn!

Sundae Stash

Use your stash fabric to make a delicious Sundae Stash!  This pretty treat has a little chamber hiding under the toppings to hold your sharp pins and needles.  This looks so pretty in my sewing room next to my cupcake pincushion! 

At The Track

Make any size track with this set!  The track sections are sized for Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels, etc.  Micro Mini cars will also work!  You can use these blocks to make quilts, pillows, bags, backpacks, play mats, placemats, or any other fun project.

Shelly got her first embroidery machine in 2005, and started digitizing her own designs soon after. She has taken embroidery to a whole new level with her 3-dimensional projects. SPOOKY THE CAT is Shelly’s helper and durability tester! Take a look at the video to see some of her all-time favorite projects. You’ll also see Spooky having fun playing with them!