BCS Software: Creating Logos

Software Month 4: Creating Logos
In Artwork Canvas, we have several tools for converting bitmap images into vector images. Let’s look at some of these tools and how we decide which one to use in the creation of a logo design.

BCS Project: Bed Runner

Project Month 4: Bed Runner by Denise Jones
Add flair to your room with this simple but stunning bed runner. This lesson will include a traditional block with a twist. Have fun learning a new block without the commitment of a large quilt!

BCS Embroidery: Patches

Embroidery Month 4: Embroidering Personalized Patches with Judy Hahner
Iron-on patches are fun and easy to make. Learn the process to embroider a patch and the proper supplies that will give you successful results. Whether you use a purchased patch design or create your own, patches can be a simple and creative way to showcase your personality, on everyday items.

BCS Software: Creating With Patterns

We are excited to launch a whole new series of short lecture/demo and project classes. The Bernina Creative Studio has 4 streams, covering a variety of sewing, quilting, embroidery, and software topics. Each stream has a virtual monthly class. You can sign up month to month, in any stream you like or the whole year for each stream or all 4 streams of 48 classes.

Software Month 3: Creating with Patterns
We will look at what to consider when creating pattern runs and fills as well as how to create patterns that can
be used for knock down backgrounds for terry cloth and for a background for free-standing lace.

BCS Technique: Blindstitch

Technique Month 4: Overlocker Blindstitch Foot with Jaime David
Have you ever considered using the blindstitch foot to sew the perfect edge? Learn the difference between the two sizes of blindstitch feet. A fun application is to use this foot with a flatlock to create a unique looking ladder hem found in ready-to-wear clothing. Just because it’s call the blindstitch foot doesn’t mean you have to make a blind hem. Learn how to achieve a great looking pintucks on woven and knit fabrics. You can use this technique to embellish your fabric to create everything from heirloom yokes to t-shirt panels and pillow tops.

BCS Project: Cathedral Windows

Project Month 3: Cathedral Window Quilt with Denise Jones
Have you ever admired a Cathedral Window Quilt but thought it would take too much time? Learn to create this
quilt with a large block and some not so traditional fabrics. No hand work required.