Steady Betty – Ironing Board Cover Kit – 24″ x 60″ – Gray

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Steady Betty Ironing Board Cover Kit, 24″ x 60″, Gray Colour
This kit contains all that you will need for constructing your very own ironing board cover using The Steady Betty Fabric. You will receive the fabric, band with finished edges & plenty of cording ,Instruction sheet, & The Steady Betty Label. Fast & easy to make.
Why everyone wants the Steady Betty Ironing Board Cover?
1. It is steady. Fabric stays where you want it to stay.
2. The Steady Betty stays cooler than most pressing surfaces but allow the heat on the fabric to be as hot as you want.
3. When pressing, you will find seams will be uniform and straight.
4. The Steady Betty holds bias strips much better than other surfaces.

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