Longarm – Rental Service

$30.00 per hour  /Item

book time on either our Bernina Q24 on a stand-up frame ($30 per hour) or our Bernina Q20 on a sit-down table ($25 per hour) – booking on the stand-up machine requires a longarm certification (we offer longarm certification course)

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Before renting can occur you must have taken the available certification class.

Minimum amount of time to be booked for a rental is two hours. Clients will be required to prepay time booked to hold the time requested. Please bring an extra project to work on in case you finish early.

The time booked includes loading and unloading of your projects. You will begin loading at the time booking begins and you will need to be completely off the long-arm for the next clients booked time.

If you need more time and the long-arm is not booked you may continue to quilt. Time used will be billed out in .25 of an hour (15 minute) increments.

If the machine is available upon your arrival you may begin early. The time booked will start when you begin to load your quilt. I.e. if you were booked for 2 hours and were to start at 10:00 a.m. and you are able to start at 9:45 the appointment will begin at 9:45 and now end at 11:45. If the client continues to quilt until noon then they will be billed another .25 of an hour.

Food and drinks are not allowed in the long-arm area and must be consumed in the coffee/lunch area of the store. The only exception is water in a sealed container. No time concessions are granted for breaks away from the machine unless the time interruption is a direct intrusion of My Sewing Room upon the clients booked time.

Clients who are late for appointments will forfeit the time missed.*

Fil-Tec Glide thread (12 Colours) will be provided at no extra charge with coordinated pre-wound magnetic             bobbins (9 colours) for use on rental machines. Any other thread will be the responsibility of the rental client.

No other thread will be supplied for a fee or free by My Sewing Room. Long-

arm supervisors are not responsible for assistance with thread brought by the rental client.

Rental Clients need to come fully prepared with their own basic sewing kit, this may include: seam ripper, scissors, thread snips and fabric markers. My Sewing Room does not have these supplies to loan to rental clients.