Patch Abilities Mystery 2022 Mystery Pattern Of The Month

Here’s What It’s All About:

  1. Each month, you will automatically receive a new pattern.  The patterns will remain a mystery, BUT they will all  be a wall hanging design, 6″ x 20″.
  2. Mystery Pattern Of The Month patterns are EXCLUSIVE!  We don’t release them to the general public — only you and participating shops can get their hands on these wonderful patterns.
  3. Shipments will include hangers and buttons, where applicable:  There will be 8 hangers for the 12 patterns (4 will be used on two patterns) and there will be at least 2 patterns that feature buttons.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. You sign up.
  2. You get charged your monthly subscription fee near the beginning of each month.
  3. We ship a pattern on or before the first full week of each month.
  4. Mystery means mystery — while we keep the patterns somewhat seasonal, and they’ll all be 6 x 20″, there’s no telling what the specific pattern will feature.  It’s super fun!  And, you won’t find these patterns on our website — they’re only available to participants.
  5. Rinse and Repeat — the first pattern ships in early March and the final pattern will ship in early February 2023.

Sign up today and live the dream of year-long quilting! Choose from 2 options: Pattern Only or Pattern and Accessories.