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Full Series: $125 | Per Class: $15

Overlocker Multipurpose Foot

Overlocker Multi-purpose Foot with Jaime David. Make piping, add beads and install zippers—you can do it all with one terrific presser foot, the multi-purpose foot. The multi-purpose foot, is a versatile foot that can be a great investment to make complex applications a little easier. In this lesson, you will discover how this foot can enhance your capabilities using an overlocker.

Scalloped Edge Binding

Technique Month 3: Scalloped Bindings with Nina McVeigh
Finish your quilts with a beautiful scalloped edge. Learn to cut the right scallop shape and the steps to be successful. We’ll bind the scallop edge with the BERNINA Bias Binder.


Technique Month 5: Pintuck Feet #30, 31, 32, 33, and 46 with Debbie Cacciamani
Originally, pintucks were designed as an heirloom sewing technique, but in this lesson, you will learn several other fun applications. Pintucks can be created with various fabric weights and cords for added dimension and interest. Learn how to add beautiful pintucks to your next project!

Overlocker Elasticator Foot

Technique Month 7: Overlocker Elasticator Foot with Jaime David
The elasticator foot for your BERNINA and bernette model overlockers can add just the perfect amount of stretch to your elastic as you stitch it in place. This clever foot is great for making crib sheets, ironing board covers, or simply installing narrow elastic around an opening or pocket. Even better—you can use the bernette elasticator foot on the b42 coverstitch machine as well! In this lesson, you will learn the various applications and gain an understanding for how to operate the presser foot with ease. Get ready to add elastic to all the sewing things!

Faux Foldover Braid Edge

Technique Month 9: Binding with a Yarn Edge with Nina McVeigh
Learn to bind with a yarn edge – this finish will surprise you. Everyone will think you bought an expensive fold over wool braid! Great on clothing or your wool projects.

Cording Feet #22 and #25

Technique Month 11: Cording Feet #22 and #25 with Debbie Cacciamani
The Cording Feet #22 and #25 are designed to create beautiful couching, guiding several cords at the same time under the foot. This process is great for adding texture and dimension to any project. In this BERNINA Creative Studio lesson, learn decorative couching techniques to prepare and design beautiful fabrics for your next project.

Embroidery Foot #6 and #39/39C

Embroidery Foot #6 and Clear Embroidery Feet #39/39C with Debbie Cacciamani
The Embroidery Feet #6 and 39/39C have unique properties that offer you beautiful, fun, creative options. In this BERNINA Creative Studio lesson, learn several decorative stitching techniques using cords, wires and more!

Overlocker Blindstitch Feet

Technique Month 4: Overlocker Blindstitch Foot with Jaime David
Have you ever considered using the blindstitch foot to sew the perfect edge? Learn the difference between the two sizes of blindstitch feet. A fun application is to use this foot with a flatlock to create a unique looking ladder hem found in ready-to-wear clothing. Just because it’s call the blindstitch foot doesn’t mean you have to make a blind hem. Learn how to achieve a great looking pintucks on woven and knit fabrics. You can use this technique to embellish your fabric to create everything from heirloom yokes to t-shirt panels and pillow tops.

Decorative Stitch Binding

Technique Month 6: Decorative Stitch Binding with Nina McVeigh
This is a perfect finish for a totally machine-stitched binding. Learn how to exactly place the Decorative Stitch to enhance the bound edge, creating a special finish.

Non-Stick Feet #52/52C/52D, 53, & 56

Technique Month 8: Non-stick Feet #52/52C/52D, 53, and 56 with Debbie Cacciamani
The Non-Stick Feet are very useful because the sole of the foot is coated so that it glides easily over “sticky” fabrics, like vinyl, suede and leather. In this BERNINA Creative Studio lesson, learn how easy it is to sew on challenging fabrics by simply using one of the Non-Stick Feet!

Overlocker Decorative Threads

Technique Month 10: Decorative Threads on the Overlocker with Jaime David
One advantage to an overlocker is that the large looper eye accommodates many thick and decorative threads that can be hard to use in a standard sewing machine. In this lesson, we will experiment with many decorative threads including thick and thin decorative threads and various quilting threads too. Learn how these stitches look and use them in your next project.

Decorative Stitch Binding

Technique Month 12: This is a perfect finish for a totally machine-stitched binding. Learn how to place the Decorative Stitch perfectly to enhance the bound edge, creating a special finish