Quilt Sleeve Instructions
Instruction sheet

Are you entering a quilt into a quilt show? Do you want an easy way to display that wall hanging in your own home? Then you need a sleeve!

Our Quilt Sleeve Instructions sheet is an easy and popular way to add a sleeve to any quilt, new or old.

Why a sleeve?

A sleeve is an easy way to prevent damage to a quilt when hanging it on a wall or from a suspended rail. A sleeve running the length of the quilt supports the quilt evenly, avoiding any undue stress on the corners. It allows the quilt to be hung nice and straight, so that the viewers see the full quilt, without any billowing or folded-over sections.

Also, by standardizing on a common hanging method, it is easy for a quilt show to provide the structures from which to hang the quilts, without having to accommodate a large variety of hanging methods. Be sure to read the rules and regulations for any show that you may be entering a quilt into, to ensure that you are meeting their specific requirements.

Download our instructions sheet now and start hanging your quilts with confidence.