Fabric ID Tags
Fabric ID Tags

How do you keep track of which bolt is which fabric in a pattern, when you are comparing lots of fabrics or putting together colourways?

Our Fabric ID Tags are an easy solution.

Simply print the Fabric ID Tags sheet onto paper or cardstock and cut out the tags along the light grey lines. Then you can slide a tag into the end of a bolt to quickly identify it while you are shopping. Match your tags with the fabrics listed in your pattern and never lose track of which shade of blue was which fabric!

You can even stick the barcode stickers onto the tags when you start cutting out your block pieces, so you’ll know exactly which fabric you are looking for if you need to buy more later.

The Fabric ID Tag sheet includes tags for fabrics A-L/1-12, as well as borders, backgrounds, sashing and more, plus a few blanks to write your own custom IDs.

Download our Fabric ID Tags sheet and make your next trip to My Sewing Room a little easier.