Longarm Services
My Sewing Room's Handi Quilter Inifinty longarm rental machine

Let us quilt that for you!

If you want to make gorgeous quilt tops, but don’t want to take the time to stitch the whole thing by hand or wrestle with it on your sewing machine, you need our longarm quilting services.

Our longarm machine can handle all of your quilting projects. It is large enough to do king-size quilts and small enough for those crib-size ones too. It is fully-computerized, allowing you to select from hundreds of beautiful patterns to stitch into your quilt for that unique look. Edge-to-edge patterns as well as custom quilting (both computerized and freehand) are available.

Come on in for a look at our machine - Barb, Doris, Hilda and Dixie will be happy to answer your questions and help you to pick out your designs and patterns to quilt. Bring along your quilt top for some design ideas and options to make your quilt truly unique.

You can also drop off your quilt tops anytime with any of our Floor Staff.


Quilting is charged on a per-square-inch basis:

  • All-over: 4¢ to 7¢ per square inch, depending on the density and complexity of the pattern(s) selected
  • Custom: 7¢ to 10¢ per square inch, including programmed block-by-block and free-hand quilting
  • Basting: $50.00 and up, depending on the size of the quilt
  • Binding: 30¢ per linear inch

Additional charges may include:

  • $25.00 border turns
  • $10.00 minimum each for pressing or squaring of top or backing
  • $25.00 minimum for multiple patterns in one quilt
  • $10.00 for variegated thread
  • $10.00 per thread change
  • $10.00 per backing seam

Minimum charge for any quilt is $85.00.

Custom pricing will reflect the complexity of the quilting and the time involved.

Prices are subject to change — please contact My Sewing Room for current prices.