Canada Sesquicentennial
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Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday!

Canada turned 150 on July 01, 2017. Here are a few ways that My Sewing Room can help you to celebrate all year:

Trans-Canada Block Party

MSR's Trans-Canada block

Come pick up your “Trans-Canada Block Party” block from My Sewing Room!

The pattern is free, or you can purchase a kit with all of the required fabrics ready to go. But you have to visit the store in person to get them!


Look for Canada-themed lines of fabric now available including:

Collectible Pins

Collect your set of Northcott Sesquicentennial Pins, including a Mrs. Bobbins pin!


We have a number of classes with a Canadian theme - celebrate with your own quilt!

Contests and Events

A number of vendors are sponsoring quilt contests and events this year, including:

All contests have now closed - thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to the winners!
Glorious and Free
Watch the YouTube video and grab the “Glorious and Free” pattern to make your own celebratory quilt.

Celebrate 150 years of Canada, the true north strong and free!